Today the term non-verbal communication is over-used and in recent decades has attracted a lot of interest in recent decades.

You have probably already heard: " he/she crosses his arms, he/she is closing", he looks to the right, evoking an element of the past, so he lies ", etc. The list of these pictures stereotyped body language is long. Humans are too rich and too complex to be caricatured by this type of stereotype with a danger of limiting or even completely shifting from reality.

Body language is a true language in its own right, governed mainly by our emotions. Verbal language can be mastered in a very conscious way, with finesse and relevance. But what does our body say ? While it occupies an essential place in our communication, our body expresses every second messages that escape us, and they are more reliable than our words, more expressive.

To decode the body languae: it is to decipher another dimension of our communication. The body says aloud what we deeply feel and think.

My neurogestural skills allow me to offer you extremely accurate analyzes and interpretations with a relevant decoding of more than 1700 gestural items with the ability to decrypt messages within one second in video analysis.

Along with my ability to decode and analyze the non-verbal are added my posture and my skills as a Certified Coach in personal development. These two professional skills (coaching and neurogestural) allow me to offer you tailored gestural coaching sessions, trainings that best meet your needs and expectations.

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« Speech can hide reality, but it is the expression that reveals it.»