Body Language Coaching

It is impossible not to have non-verbal communication Our body communicates constantly with several messages per second. They can be either in harmony with our words (in congruence) or contradict them.

This congruence can be natural (when indeed we are in the authenticity) or work to optimize our body language.

I offer you body language coaching sessions that will allow you to acquire real skills and abilities through which you will be able to decode the body language of your interlocutors and optimize yours.

Whether you are recruiters, negotiators, journalists, executives, managers, or a public person: my mission, during these training sessions, will be to provide you with concrete keys and tools making it possible to decrypt your non-verbal communication and that of your colleagues. interlocutors.

This live analysis of the different elements of body language will allow you to acquire an accurate and relevant reading that can make the difference and have an undeniable lead in your area of action or decision making.

Developing this decryption capacity will allow you to increase your relevance, credibility, your presence, your confidence in yourself and your charisma, and therefore the impact of your message on your interlocutors.

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said
Peter Drucker