Body Language Video Analysis

I offer second-by-second analyzes thanks to the decryption of micro-reactions, chair positions, microdemandings, and 1700 other items.

You are a public personality, you want to perform in your interventions ... An expert analysis of your videos will allow you to have a return of great precision with a gestural coaching to be more impactful and charismatic.

If you're a journalist, I also do public video analysis to help you prepare and optimize your interviews.

If you are a senior executive, a buyer, or a sales executive, I offer trading video analytics so you can be one step ahead of your next trading appointment.

I can also analyze videos of your candidates if you are HRD and you want to have a fine and particularly precise interpretation of recruitment interviews.

If you are in the judicial sector, I propose you fine analyzes of your subject in order to decipher its authenticity, its congruence, or on the contrary its perversion of the reality, the unspoken ones, the dissimulations

These analyzes are organized:

- in chronological order in increments of 2-3 seconds
- by thematic order.

I invite you to consult a sample video analysis here : The McCann Case.

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